Unable To Upload Files To The Cloud PC Using The Webclient

Today I ran into a problem where I couldn’t upload a file from my computer to my Cloud PC when using the webclient. If you experience the same issue, this might help you. 

The Problem

I logged into my Cloud PC using the webclient (https://windows365.microsoft.com). I clicked on the upload button (top right side of the screen) and I get a File Explorer screen to navigate to the file that I want to upload. I even get a confirmation that the upload completed. 

I looked for the uploads folder, but in my case there was none. The first clue I got was from the Microsoft site where they talk about a virtual drive.

The Solution

With a bit of help of my friend Ola Ström who confirmed it was working in his environment and showed me a screenshot of how it is supposed to look like, I turned to the Windows 365 Security Baseline. I reviewed it only briefly when I applied it, but this is definitely a place where this could get blocked. 

I found a setting called ‘Block drive redirection‘ under the Remote Desktop Services section. The description is as follows;

This does check a lot of boxes, like we are mapping a virtual drive and we should be able to access it using File Explorer and it’s enabled in by default. I changed the setting to Not configured and reboot the Cloud PC.

I logged in after the reboot completes and now I do see a drive in file explorer.

Everything is in order now. If you are experiencing the same issue, it might be worth to check if you implemented the security baseline. 

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