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This week I won’t go into any technical things, but here’s a post that might help you out if you don’t know about the Microsoft 365 Roadmap yet. The legends from Microsoft have a lot of products and services and they are always looking to improve them as well. This results in a lot of new features, enhancements etc. 

Well that’s where the Microsoft 365 Roadmap comes in. It’s a super easy to use and handy website that gives you a lot of information on all of these upcoming updates. This post is for you if you haven’t heard of the roadmap, or just want to know more about. 


The M365 Roadmap

The Microsoft Roadmap is publicly available via this URL. Here’s a screenshot of the site:

The site consists of 3 sections;

  1. Top: shows how to use the Roadmap and improvements.
  2. Middle: Search and Filter options.
  3. Bottom: Result bar

I’ll skip the first section and continue to look at the search and filter section. You can use a lot of filters to search for the update you want to check. For instance, you can filter on Windows 365 as a product. Here are a couple of screenshots:

Here’s a filtered result on Windows 365:

Another way to filter on updates is by using the in development, rolling out or launched checkbox;

An Example

In a previous post I mentioned that the Outlook signature is synchronized to the cloud, but while testing this feature I noticed that this did not work. By checking this roadmap, I discovered that it had been delayed. 

I just searched on the keyword ‘signature’ and the update is on the top of the list:

You can simply click on the update to see the current status:

Seems like I should try and test it again! 

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