MC2MC event 2022: Winter edition

What’s up, everyone! 

The post of this week is not a technical post, but a post on a great experience I had last week. Together with Stefan Dingemanse I had my first public speaking event at the winter event user group which was sponsored by The evening was filled with a lot of great speakers on different topics. It was great to meet a lot of people in real life after meeting and speaking with them on different socials. 

Our presentation was titled ‘What is the power of Windows 365 – An introduction into the world of Cloud PCs‘. We talked about many different topics;

  • What is a Cloud PC and what it’s not
  • Advantages of a Cloud PC
  • A comparison with AVD
  • How to prepare for Cloud PC and how to set it up 
  • The deployment flow
  • Troubleshooting and support
  • Our tips and tricks

Below you can find the sheets that we used and pictures of the event. I hope enjoy the presentation! (We absolutely did!) O yes, there where stickers and magnets as well!

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